SKS Chromoplastic mudguards – almost indestructible

SKS Chromoplastic Mudguards on test
Mudguards with an ‘S’ bend!

It’s not often that you get to test the crumple zone of  your mudguards so I had to share this. Recently I was riding on a cycle path through the park when my front wheel went over a stick pinging it up in the air. The stick bounced off the ground and rebounded straight between the spokes of my rear wheel forcing it to lock up and skid to a stop.

The stick caught both sets of mudguard mounts pushing them forward to the twelve o’clock position. The SKS Chromoplastic mudguards folded up  in two places, the rear fold was a full concertina!

SKS Chromoplastic Mudguards on test
Neatly folded!

I was about to start removing my rear wheel to take the mudguard off but to my amazement the damage just unfolded and pulled out straight. There is a tear as a result of the rear concertina fold but I was really impressed that I could just carry on after such damage, really useful if this should happen in the back of beyond or when you’re miles from anywhere and it’s chucking it down.

I was looking for an excuse to swap to a black set anyway, they’ll definitely be SKS Chromoplastic mudguards again, they’re almost bulletproof!

SKS Chromoplastic Mudguards on test
…and carry on.
SKS Chromoplastic Mudguards on test
War wound


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