Quad Lock iphone Case & Bike Mount Kit Review

Quad Lock claim their phone case and mounting kit as the lightest, strongest and most secure available. It’s nothing new for a manufacturer to claim their product is the best available. But, as soon as you have the Quad Lock kit in your hands you know this products claims are true.

Quad Lock Phone Mount

Quad Lock offer a case with its female connection built in for all varieties of the Apple iphone. If you don’t have an iphone, Quad Lock’s universal kit provides the female connector with a 3M adhesive backing to either stick directly to the back of your phone or your choice of phone case.

3m self adhesive quad lock phone bike mount kit

Quad Lock Phone case and poncho

The iphone specific case is great quality. My phone takes a bashing daily and needs added protection. In the past I’ve used ‘Otterbox’ cases which are excellent but do look a little clunky. I was a little nervy transferring my iphone from the armour plated ‘Otterbox’ to the much sleeker Quad Lock case but it turns out unnecessarily. To this day, my phone hasn’t been removed from this case and it remains in A1 condition.

The case is a hard plastic skin that you need to wrestle around your phone on the first fitting.  It is open faced but should it rain, you simply slip the poncho rain cover over it (supplied with case) The screen is as touch sensitive with the poncho on as it is bare. One word of warning, using a thick glass type screen protector combined with the poncho will cut down on the screens sensitivity. Find a thinner screen protector or go without one if riding in the wet with the poncho on.

quad lock poncho for waterproof protection to your phone case

Quad Lock Bike Mount

The male part of the system attaches to your stem or handlebar with two ‘o’ rings so the mount can be disconnected easily. If you only intend to use it on a single bike you can secure the mount using zip-ties for added security.

The Quad Lock System

This is a superb bike mount and phone case but it is more than that, it’s a complete system. It is based around what is without a doubt the most secure connection on the market today. Simply press your phone on to the Quad Lock mount at a 45 degree angle, twist and listen for the click. You can feel how good the connection is. I’d be happy to hoist my heavyweight expedition bike by a Quad Lock connected iphone case. To remove the phone, pull down the blue collar and twist the phone back to the 45 degree position.  Your phone can be mounted either in portrait or landscape positions.

quad lock out front phone mount with go pro adapter benath

Other Mounts

Once you have the Quad Lock iphone case or universal adapter you can securely connect your phone for a host of applications. As well as the stem/handlebar mount Quad Lock have an ‘out-front’ bike mount. They also boast a sports armband, windscreen mount, a self adhesive mount and even a connection for a tripod. An especially handy adapter is the ‘Go Pro’ camera connection that screws to the underside of the ‘out-front’ mount so you needn’t find anymore handlebar space.

I’ve navigated over a thousand miles with my iphone safely positioned on my handlebars with the Quad Lock system. Most of my riding is off road on my Surly Troll tourer with no suspension, I can confirm this system has been well tested! This quality phone mount has fared much better than my body!

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  1. Thanks for the Review! The screen protector’s added thickness combined with the poncho, will make the screen much less responsive and sometimes have no response at all. However the good news is that the later iPhone models such as the 6/6+ and 7/7+ have been designed using ion-strengthened glass, which means that it’s scratch-resistant and, less prone to shatter out of damage so we think that it should be safe even without screen protector.

    • Thanks for the reply. I must admit I’ve not replaced the glass screen protector on my iPhone 6 and it’s holding up perfectly well. Well done on a great product.

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