Trangia type alcohol stove with pot stand

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Improved version of the Trangia type alcohol methylated spirit burner with pot / ground stand and storage bag

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An improved version of the trangia alcohol spirit burner complete with sprung loaded folding pot and ground stand.

  • Lightweight copper alloy design with 20 jets all of the same size diameter
  • Improved jet ignition with inbuilt priming ring
  • Improved screw cap ‘o’ ring seal
  • Store leftover fuel within, no need to try to drain back.
  • Burner weighs only 60 grams
  • 100ml fuel capacity
  • Burner diameter 75mm depth 46mm
  • Stainless steel stand raises burner from ground and supports pots, pans and cookware
  • Stand weighs 100 grams
  • Closed stand and storage bag diameter 80mm Height 90mm
  • Stand supports a wide diameter of cooking vessels from our 550ml mug pots to 1200ml saucepan and beyond.
  • Fit perfectly within the Mysolo 750ml mug pot

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