Titaner Titanium Medium Spoon 13 grams

£14.99 £10.49

Great Titaner quality. Table sized titanium spoon in a sandblasted finish


Renowned for great design and their use of top grade titanium, we’re proud to offer this medium spoon from Titaner.

Size-wise this spoon sits in the middle of my range. Very similar to a traditional table spoon and ‘on par’ with the  cutlery set spoon that I sell but with the half-round handle of our smallest 8g spoon.

It is a true all-rounder suiting both cooking and eating and is great when combined with larger / deeper pots such as the 1100ml saucepan pot, the 1100/250ml pot/pan set, the 1ltr Fire Maple system and the 1200/400ml pot/pan set.

It is the same dimensions as the cutlery set spoon (166mm length x 42mm head width) but has a tough durable un-polished titanium finish. If you prefer polished titanium you may want to consider the titanium cutlery set  or the 13gram spoon with polished head.

If you use food pouches you may want to consider my titanium long spoon

  • Tough durable un-polished titanium finish
  • Weighs 13 grams
  • Length 166mm
  • Width 42mm
  • Ideal for eating and cooking from deeper vessels
  • Will not taint food taste
  • Hygienic and easy clean.





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