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The perfect clothes organisers for cycle panniers or backpacks alike

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I’m really pleased to get hold of these clothes cube organisers. I’ve trialled more than I care to remember but these are exactly what I’ve been after for a long time.

These clothes cube organisers are made of super lightweight oxford nylon that has an antibacterial coating. The construction is good and strong, they can be wiped down and treated with antibacterial top up spray.

Each case packs down in to its own pouch for lightweight compact storage. When in use the storage pouch remains attached to the inside of the case and provides convenient storage for discreet / valuable items.

Three sizes of  clothes cube available. The small and large sizes are single compartment storage cases with a breathable mesh lid. The medium case has two zipped compartments, one with a breathable mesh lid and another solid nylon both with twin zips. The two compartments are especially handy if this is your only clothes organiser as it provides storage for both dirty and clean clothes.

Clothes Cube Capacities

It’s amazing how much you can get in to these clothes cubes. The manufacturer labels each cases use: The small is marked pants and socks, medium – t-shirts and the large as trousers and shirts but cycle tourers, hikers and travellers are much more resourceful than that! If I’m touring for a week or two the small cube is adequate, for an extended tour I use the medium case or the large case if I’m travelling as a couple or if I’ve the need to carry thicker winter clothing. The large organiser folds neatly in half and fits easily in to my ortlieb rack pack which is positioned over the top of my rack and panniers.

Everyones travel and packing needs are different but as an idea of capacity the small clothes cube in the photo’s has two lightweight pairs of trousers, two t-shirts, four pairs of pants and socks.

The medium organiser has four pairs of light trousers, four t-shirts, two fleece tops, five pairs of pants and socks. 

The large clothes cube is photographed with winter wear in it: two pairs of thick trousers, two sets of merino base layers, four t-shirts, four fleece tops, two thermal down jackets and it’s still not completely full. 

  • small organiser  – 27 x 21 x 10cm / stored – 10 x 10cm
  • medium organiser  – 40 x 26 x 10cm / stored – 14 x 13cm
  • large organiser – 51 x 41 x 10cm / stored – 17 x 14cm

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2 reviews for Cycle Pannier / Travel Clothes Cube Organisers

  1. Pete Baker

    Top Job! – ebay Buyer: 2005johnnie0

  2. Pete Baker

    This is a fantastic product for all travellers and great price too!!! A+ – ebay Buyer: rebelsatellite

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