Alocs Alcohol Camping Stove & pot stand

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Lightweight alcohol camping stove with screw top and pot stand. Large reservoir gives a 45 minute burn time ideal for real camp cooking. My new favourite spirit burner!

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An improved version of the popular Trangia / Esbit stoves. This Alocs stove has a three part lid. The inner lid has a screw thread and ‘o’ ring that forms a liquid tight seal so that left over fuel can be preserved and stored in the stove. The outer ring separates from the inner and works as a very effective simmer ring to9 control the level of flame that you cook over, when fully closed it can be used as a snubber to extinguish the flame. Unlike the Trangia stove, this Alocs stove has a folding long handle so it can be handled when hot.  The Trangia relies solely on the top cap for simmer control, which means removing the ‘o’ ring, with the Aloc’s version this is no longer necessary.

This camping stove comes in a really durable draw-string bag with a reinforced waterproof bottom so it’ll stay dry on damp ground.

The stove will burn for around 45 minutes with 100ml of fuel. The 26 jets are a mix of two different diameter holes for a more efficient burn, the Trangia has 24 one size jets. With its large fuel capacity and controllable simmer ring this stove is suitable for proper camp cooking rather than just boiling water. Brass construction for lightweight strength, this stove can be used alone without its base for the real lightweight enthusiast.

The stand is a really solid stainless steel construction with a flat base for maximum stability. The crowned top elevates pots / pans at the perfect height and the windows boost air flow for the most efficient burn rate.

This set works perfectly with larger pots and pans. The Mysolo 1100ml pot, 1100/250ml and the 1200/400ml pot and pan sets are ideal.

  • Stove diameter 80mm
  • Stand diameter 96mm
  • Stove and lid – 94 grams
  • Stand – 44 grams
  • Bag – 24 grams

Please note that this sell includes the spirit burner, pot stand and carry bag only. The pots & pans are for display purposes only


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