‘Evernew’ or not? Titanium Alcohol Stove

I wanted to upload a short film of the ‘Mysolo’ alcohol stove in use. I’ve had a few enquiries asking how this stove compares against the ‘Evernew’ branded stove.  I’ve used the ‘Mysolo’ stove a lot recently and it really does perform well. On the surface there isn’t any obvious differences between the ‘Mysolo’ and the ‘Evernew’. Both are Titanium, have 8 holes to the top ring and 16 the bottom and either stove weighs in at approximately 43 grams.

Evernew or not? Mysolo stove, 550ml stove & 8g short spoon
The 550ml mug/pot, stove & short spoon

Both stoves light easily but the difference between the two now becomes apparent. The jets of the ‘Evernew’ will usually light within 30 seconds to a minute whereas the ‘Mysolo’ jets will be some time behind. The reason for this is the ‘Evernew’ has a fibreglass lining, this absorbs and wicks fuel to the jets.  Initially the lining sounds like a good thing but I much prefer using the ‘Mysolo’ stove which has no lining within it’s side walls. The wicking in the ‘Evernew’  absorbs and will hold fuel after use, leading to a shorter run time and a strong smell in your cook bag/pannier.

During a test of both stoves using 30ml (1 floz) of denatured alcohol (Methylated spirit) –  ‘Evernews’ jets ignited at 26 seconds after the reservoir was lit, the jets went out at 4:46 = 4:20 burn time. The jets of the ‘MySolo’ took over a minute to light at 1:34  but didn’t die out until 10:16 = 8:42 burn time.

So, the ‘Mysolo’ was much slower to get going due to its reliance on heat to vaporise the fuel through the jets whereas the ‘Evernews’ fuel is instantly wicked to the jets which light reassuringly fast. The ‘MySolos’ runtime is twice that of the ‘Evernew’ and it has no wick to retain fuel and fumes.

Evernew or not, Mysolo Stove with titanium stand
The Mysolo with titanium pot stand

I used the ‘MySolo’ in windy conditions with and without a windbreak and it did not blow out once. I boiled water with the pot directly on top of the stove and suspended above using a pot stand. The stove performed well all round but definitely boiled quicker when the pot was away from the stove top. I did think that by placing the pot directly on the stove maybe useful for slowing a cook down and simmering, I’ll test this on my next trip. Both 550ml and the 750ml mug / pots work well with it.

The ‘Evernew’ stove is currently selling at £49.99 and the ‘MySolo’ stove is reduced from £49.99 to £29.99 here

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4 thoughts on “‘Evernew’ or not? Titanium Alcohol Stove

  1. I’ve had this stove for a while and I also have the Evernew. They are both really good, agree about the Mysolo not having any lingering smell.
    I’ve put a strand of fibreglass rope just below the lower burner jets, tied snugly around. Drizzle alcohol around this. Fill the stove to the required amount, light stove and rope. The jets will bloom a lot quicker. The rope is the sort of stuff used to seal the doors on a log burner. Very cheap.

    Alternatively …..using a side cutting can opener, cut the lid off a soup or similar can, use this as a primer plate. Fill the stove, place stove on primer plate, few drops of alcohol on the plate , light plate + stove.

  2. I hesitated before ordering this stove, as at first I thought it was the Evernew Titanium Stove which I’d seen reviewed on line but at half the price – but it’s not. However, in the end I took the plunge and I don’t regret it at all. It takes a little while before the outer jets kick in but that actually works to my advantage as I get it lit, then faff about putting my fire-steel/ matches/ lighter away, getting the windshield sorted out and the pot on etc. By the time I’ve done all that it bursts into full jet mode and then does its thing very effectively and efficiently.

    It’s the perfect balance between lightness and robustness. It’s heavier than my homemade ‘soda can’ stoves, but half the weight of a brass Trangia. I just feel confident that it will last me, do what it’s supposed to and not got crushed by a clumsy boot.

    It doesn’t take long to work out how much fuel you need for it to boil your water in your set up, as there are three different level markings inside the burner. You can’t save any unused fuel in the stove, so you need to burn out whatever you pour in. I’d certainly recommend this to anyone who’s contemplating whether to go for one or not. It may not ‘bloom’ as quick as the Evernew, or perhaps burn as fiercely, but it’s efficient, solid and dependable and gives a nice final ‘pop’ as it burns out.

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