Bicycle Touring Podcasts – Five of the Best!

Whether I’m getting my head down in my tent or my bed at home, I always put my earphones in. I listen to a range of different podcasts usually cycle touring, adventure or travel based shows. There’s some excellent ones out there and they’re free for all. Here’s an intro to my favourite five bicycle touring based shows.

Hayway stands for how are you where are you and is a cycle touring podcast following Shelley and Baden Campbell's trip from London to the Hutt Valley of New Zealand by touring bicycleHayWay  Podcast (How are you? Where are you?)

Baden and Shelley are Kiwi’s that have spent the last seven years in London. They’re now on their way home to the Hutt Valley of New Zealand by bike. You can follow their journey from London to Portugal via the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain, then on to Cuba and through Central and South America.

Each podcast is a really professional sounding edit of Baden & Shelley’s recordings from the roadside. Great content combined with Shelley’s infectious laughter and Baden’s brilliant sense of humour makes for a really good show. Discover camp cooking favourites in ‘what’s in the pot?’, how to get the smell of decomposing frog from your tent and the best way to befriend a sloth!

Catch up with Baden and Shelley at their excellent site here, check out the interactive map and gear list. You can listen to the podcasts here, subscribe to their SoundCloud page or visit them at iTunes. One definitely not to miss!

The five best cycle touring podcast no.2 is the brilliant sprocket podcast brought to the masses by the dedication of hosts Brock Dittus and Aaron Flores

The Sprocket Podcast

The Sprocket Podcast is delivered straight out of the cycling mecca that is Portland Oregon by hosts Brock Dittus and Aaron Flores. Hats off to these guys! Their dedication is unreal, they produce at least a show per week, sometimes more with bonus episodes and featurettes.

The Sprocket isn’t solely a cycle touring podcast, it covers subjects including living simply, being less car-reliant, eating and drinking well, sustainable living and life in and around Portland.   The show can be a tad Portland-centric but there’s a nice mix of skype interviews with global travellers as well as studio recordings from local people and interesting folk who are passing through.

I’ve listened to the Sprocket for around two years and I still don’t think I’ve made my way through the complete back-catalogue. Check out the Sprockets website here and sign up for excellent fresh content here. Highly recommended!

The five best cycle touring podcasts no. 3 - The Pursuit Zone Podcast by Paul Schmid

The Pursuit Zone Podcast

A big thanks to creator Paul Schmidt for an excellent website and podcast.  The Pursuit Zone brings interesting stories from travellers, adventure athletes, authors and filmmakers. Pauls intention is to inspire and challenge people to escape their comfort zones by combining their dreams and ambition with a healthy dose of pursuit.

There’s been some great podcasts from well known adventurers such as Tom Allen, Leon McCarron and Tom Davies which are always good value. I’ve really enjoyed the interviews from less well known adventurers and learning about skills such as filmmaking and storytelling.

Check out the excellent Pursuit Zone website here and podcast here. Be sure to listen to episode 108 – Cycling in Africa with Carl-David Granbäck, it’s especially good!

The Travelling Two is a great cycle touring website, podcast and series of ebooks fromFriedel & Andrew: two Canadians who love travelling by bicycle.

The Travelling Two

Friedel and Andrew spent three years travelling the world by bike and whilst doing so recorded an excellent series of podcasts, built a website and put together an all round excellent bicycle touring resource. Their beginner’s guide to cycle touring is legendary.

Friedel & Andrew now have a family and enjoy cycle tours closer to home with the kids. Unfortunately they’re not as active with the website material and stopped recording the podcasts back in 2013.

However, it’s well worth checking out their back-catalogue. Every episode is professionally put together and contain some excellent information. The podcasts seem to have disappeared from iTunes but they are archived at Friedel and Andrews site, check them out here, they’re all highly recommended!

The pedal shift project podcast by Tim Mooney is no. 5 of the five best bicycle touring podcasts

 The PedalShift Project

Tim Mooney is the brains behind this ‘ultra upbeat’ cycle touring podcast. Tim admits that he may not be the most experienced cycle tourist but what he lacks in experience he makes up for in enthusiasm!

Tim created ‘The PedalShift’ resources to inspire us to ask “What things can you do in life, to allow you more time, finances, and the ability to seek that sense of adventure on the roads, paths, bike lanes and trails of the world?”

The PedalShift Project consists of touring stories, hints and tips which Tim puts out fortnightly. Alongside ‘The Project’ is another series of podcasts ‘The PedalShift Tour Journals’ which are edited clips recorded from Tim’s own tours. Check out the ‘PedalShift’ website here, the ‘PedalShift Project’ podcasts here and Tim’s ‘Tour Journals’ here. He’s a busy man!

Have I missed anything? If there’s any cycle touring podcasts I’m missing out on please let me know in the comments section below.

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